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What is a PAT Test?

Portable Appliance Testing  (PAT) is a legal requirement for all UK landlords and businesses and involves routine safety checks on electrical appliances which are used by tenants or employees.

The Health & Safety Act regulates that all “portable” electrical equipment, such as kettles, microwaves and computers, must be deemed safe for use and checked for wear and tear to avoid cause of injury to people using them.

The guidelines are created to guarantee that electrical equipment is kept protected and is preserved through periodic maintenance and inspection.  It is of high importance that employers and landlords follow the legal requirements to help reduce risk of injury and avoid liability.

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Accredited & Expert PAT Assessors

Our PAT Assessors are accredited experts and certified to pass or fail electrical appliances in accordance with aforementioned Health & Safety regulations. They use specialist PAT testing equipment which includes checking earth continuity, lead polarity and insulation resistance checks. They will also label each appliance with a tag showing the testing date and a pass or fail result.

We recommend that you always use competent experts in conducting any PAT testing and that they have received adequate training.


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