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Domestic EPC

A domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a certificate which tells anyone viewing it the energy efficiency rating of a domestic property. It’s not dissimilar to the energy rating that you may have seen on a new domestic appliance or even a new car.

We have EPC Assesors in London, EPC Assessors in Birmingham, EPC Assessors in Manchester, as well as other locations around the UK. To obtain your domestic EPC survey, contact your nearest office today.

Why you need an EPC

Why do I need an EPC?

EPCs for domestic dwellings originated around the time when Home Information Packs (HIPs) were obligatory for sellers. HIPs have since been abolished, however, the requirement for an EPC remains when a house or flat is built, sold or let. Domestic EPCs need to be available to potential buyers or tenants as soon as you start to market your property so it’s something that needs to be prepared in advance.

At ‘EPC For You’, our EPCs include all relevant legal information about the certificate and the property as well as the asset rating, technical information in brief and any benchmarks. We can also determine your EPC requirement according to the current up-to-date legislation. This may seem straightforward, but if your property has been split or designed to be used as separate dwellings, multiple EPCs could be required to comply with legal obligations.

Setting aside the legal requirement, as already mentioned, your EPC can also make recommendations to improve the building’s energy efficiency. Carrying out these recommendations can push up your property’s value and, based on the improvements, you may wish to get a fresh Domestic EPC produced so as to reflect this and make your property even more marketable. If you are a landlord, with a domestic EPC from ‘EPC For You’ you can reassure prospective tenants that the energy rating has been assessed to a high degree of accuracy, which brings with it tenants more likely to remain long-term.

Are you selling a property

Renting or leasing a property

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Why ‘EPC For You’?

Because an EPC is a legal requirement, legislation insists that an approved Domestic Energy Assessor produces the EPC. ‘EPC For You’ supplies you with an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor who will visit your property to collect the data required for assessing energy features and generating your property’s own bespoke EPC using government-approved software.

When producing a domestic EPC, ‘EPC For You’ take into account all sorts of features of a property in order to assess its energy efficiency: what the property is constructed with, which heating systems are in place, as well as any cooling and ventilation and even the lighting systems. Whilst it’s not a building survey as it won’t comment on condition and doesn’t detail how the systems are used, the EPC can recommend improvements to make a building more efficient.

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All our assesors are qualified professional with industry recognised accreditations. They are reqularly audited to make sure they provide high quality and accurate EPC surveys.

The benefits

As well as the many benefits of having your property assessed and an EPC prepared, ‘EPC For You’ will also help you avoid the legal repercussions which, without an EPC, could lead to the Local Authority Building Control department seeking enforcement action against you as well as risking a fine of between £500 and £5,000. For landlords, there is even more reason to act as soon as possible – in April 2018, no property with a minimum energy performance rating below E shall be capable of being let. Of course, after receiving an EPC from ‘EPC For You’ you may not need to arrange any energy improvements at all, but at the very least, a well-scored above average domestic EPC will increase the value of any property, make it more marketable and help landlords attract favourable tenants.

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