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About the EPC London Team

EPC For You is an award-winning energy survey company. Our energy assessors can provide a commercial EPC or domestic EPC for your property in London.

When a commercial property or domestic property is advertised it is a legal requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) completed and available for prospective buyers or tenants to see how energy efficient a building is. Our team provides a fantastic service to estates agents, housing associations, home owners, and business owners. EPC London will carry out an EPC and help owners of property in London to sell or rent their building.
EPC London have performed all types of energy performance assessments for commercial properties, such as restaurants, warehouses, and offices. We have also completed many domestic energy assessments for home owners. Our in-depth energy assessing experience means that we can cover all premises that require a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) or a commercial energy performance certificate.
Contact us for a free quote on our quick energy performance certificate survey quote form and we will provide you with our best price and a survey appointment time that is convenient to you. We aim to get the completed EPC survey to you within 48 hours of online booking although we can clarify the turnaround time at the booking stage.

What’s involved in an EPC Survey?

EPC For You are accredited and professional commercial energy assessors who are regularly audited to maintain the high quality and validity of their surveys. To carry out an EPC, individual energy assessors will visit the property and take details such as the building’s size and fabric, floor plan, gas safety, heating system type, and more.
Our assessors will take measurements and photos of all recorded information and then create your safety certificate at our offices. The time needed to complete commercial EPC certificates depends on the size and type of property. Generally, a residential EPC or domestic EPC will take 48 hours. Commercial properties can take longer but we can clarify this at the point of booking the survey.


Did you know that a large amount of commercial properties and domestic properties will be below the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) on the EPC report? This means it could potentially lose value unless the details and energy recommendations from the results are understood and implemented. If an EPC certificates score is F or G then a property will need to improve its score to E or above. A London EPC can help advise the best way of making your London property meet these standards.
Our advice for being more energy efficient includes how to find help with energy funding and grants, project costing and planning to meet the legislation standards, as well as also showing varying options in how you can reduce energy bills by investing wisely in your property.

How Long Does an EPC Last?

EPC London will provide a certificate that is valid for 10 years. This certificate must be available before a property goes on the market. Should you decide to make changes to your property, you must receive a new and updated Energy Performance Certificate.
Commercial buildings must display an EPC certificate if the total area of the property is over 500 square metres. It must also be shown if the building is frequently visited. It is required that an EPC be shown at the time of a building’s sale, rental, or construction. Residential properties must have a domestic EPC at hand if trying to sell or rent their property.
If your property doesn’t have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), you could be fined anywhere between £500 and £5000 based on the rateable value of the property.

Government Rulings & Incentives

With the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard laws (MEES) that were introduced in April 2018, it would be useful for property owners to get an update on their energy ratings to see if they meet the new standard. A domestic EPC by one of our energy assessors can assist with this. This is especially important if they plan on selling or leasing at some point in future. Buildings in North London and Central London have some of the worst energy performance ratings in Europe due to their age, so it would be wise for owners to act upon the insights of an safety certificate. This would help improve the property’s score and potentially save money on increasing energy bills and overheads. If you are a domestic property agent or landlord looking for help with meeting the energy efficiency standards, then contact us for some free advice.
Details of energy ratings can be found on the EPC Register, but is no longer a requirement to register.

Advice for Londoners

Sadiq Khan has introduced the Energy for Londoners programmes, which aims to make you London property warmer, healthier, and more affordable, as well as make workplaces more energy efficient to help the capital become greener. Here are some aspects of the programme which could help you:
Warmer Homes – This accredited scheme is in place to help disabled, terminally ill, and elderly homeowners to improve heating and insulation
Switching Suppliers – The London mayor has encouraged people to switch to better energy providers to help save money on energy bills, and direct them to cleaner energy sources
RE: NEW – Sadiq Khan’s award winning programme which aims to help London households reduce their domestic energy and carbon emissions and become more energy efficient


All our assesors are qualified professional with industry recognised accreditations. They are reqularly audited to make sure they provide high quality and accurate EPC surveys.



JP Mackie Pharmacy – Review

Excellent Prompt Service

JP Mackie Pharmacy – 27th May 2021

Anonymous – Review

Excellent customer service. My request was met with promptly and without delay and the inspection carried out without delay. Very pleased.

Anonymous – 24th May 2021

RJI – Review

Fair price; Efficient and communicative surveyor. A more personalised communication would be nice.

RJI – 22nd May 2021

Anonymous – Review

Very thorough & efficient. I’ll certainly recommend to anyone who wants a survey conducting in the future.

Anonymous – 21st May 2021

Jenni Little – Review

Very efficient service. We got an appointment within two days and the report very swiftly thereafter. A pleasant man did the survey in a professional manner. Was surprised by the speed and ease of this service

Jenni Little – 21st May 2021

Tom Muir – Review

After a short call and informed of service and price, I got an appointment for the next day. The assessment went well and everything was explained to me in a pleasant professional manner. I received the certificate next day and sent it off. Happy to highly recommend the service.

Tom Muir – 29th Apr 2021

Neil – Review

EPC was arranged and done in less than 1 week and certificate issued next day. Price was as cheap as I could find also.

Neil – 29th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Excellent smooth service no issues at all

Anonymous – 21st Apr 2021

Philip Sanford – Review

A fantastic first rate service. I tried a number of providers before engaging EPCFORYOU, all of whom either offered inconvenient appointments, failed to respond to inquiries or were above market rate. EPCFORYOU were responsive, price competitive and offered a fast and professional service. I would highly recommend.

Philip Sanford – 20th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Very fast and reliable.?

Anonymous – 20th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Timely service. Excellent price.

Anonymous – 9th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

I got an appointment very quickly, which was attended by a very friendly, helpful and efficient member of staff. The report was complete the next day. Thank you!

Anonymous – 9th Apr 2021

Toby M – Review

EPC for you was extremely helpful in getting my EPC done at short notice. They attended the property the next day and my EPC was with me shortly after. I also contacted the surveyor directly to ask some questions about my report and he was extremely helpful. Would definitely use again.

Toby M – 9th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Fast and efficient

Anonymous – 30th Mar 2021

Anonymous – Review

Fast, easy friendly service

Anonymous – 29th Mar 2021

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We aim to provide the best, and fairest price for an EPC in London, covering the North, South, East and West. Our Company Price Promise means that we are confident you will not get a better quote inc VAT elsewhere. If you do, we will match it and provide you with our award-winning service for the same price. See our terms and conditions.
Another benefit that EPC For You customers have is that we will not charge you upfront, only after the EPC assessment has been completed. We wish to differentiate ourselves from web based only competitors who are not actual providers and pass on their marketing costs to customers with upfront charging. You pay nothing to EPC For You until we provide an energy rating.
Get the best energy rates by seeing what our off the market prices could save your business compared to what you are currently paying. This is an area that many businesses do not look at and could potentially save thousands of pounds a year on after switching and paying less for electricity and gas. Ask one of our team members for details or visit our online booking form and we can provide a free no obligation appraisal of what cheaper energy rates are available to you.

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