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If you’re planning to sell or lease a domestic or commercial property then you need an Energy Performance Certificate prepared by an accredited energy assessor.  In order to prepare an EPC, the assessor will have to visit your property and carry out an onsite survey.

The EPC survey is based entirely on observation unlike a building survey, which may involve invasive procedures, and an assessor looks at all sorts of things that will affect the energy rating of the property. The time taken for an EPC survey depends on the size of the property and whether it is domestic or commercial, but ‘EPC For You’ can give you an estimate of how long an energy survey will take once an appointment is booked and a few more details are known. Certainly for domestic EPCs, the price at ‘EPC For You’ differs only on a property’s size and possible location and, because of their lower overhead costs, the prices are less than ‘high street’ survey companies, so that costs saved by ‘EPC For You’ are passed straight on to you as a customer. ‘EPC For You’ also has a Company Price Promise which, if you can find a bona fide quote elsewhere for less than an ‘EPC For You’ quote, ‘EPC For You’ promise to beat it (see website or ask for details).

A domestic or residential EPC’s cost does depend on the size of the property and usually this is assessed on the number of bedrooms. The price for a domestic EPC can also differ depending on where the property is located. If the property is located further than 30 minutes away from an ‘EPC For You’ energy assessor, a surcharge could be incurred. This is because the ‘EPC For You’ accredited energy assessors are selected to provide the best possible service being the most suitable assessors – this means they may not always come from the immediate locality but they will be fully familiar with a property’s location when it comes to assessing any local factors that could affect energy efficiency. ‘EPC For You’ will aim to arrange for an energy assessor to visit your property whilst visiting others in the same area when it is possible to do so, thus avoiding the need for a surcharge but still keeping a high quality of service. In any event, ‘EPC For You’ will be happy to discuss the details with you.

The price for a commercial EPC starts at £99+VAT, however, the price is also based on a number of factors that can keep cost to a minimum. Check with us today for your cheap EPC quote. The area of a premises will allow ‘EPC For You’ to give you a rough estimate of the time by an energy assessor to conduct an onsite survey. Floor plans are another important factor (particularly for properties over 1,000 square feet or 300 square metres) as this reduces time in carrying out an onsite survey reducing the cost. The type of property and its use is also important in assessing the price as this will affect the time needed to prepare an accurate EPC. The simpler the use of a property, such as a single warehouse compared to a property requiring different zones with offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. the simpler the creation of an EPC will be. Either way, ‘EPC For You’ will be able to give you a more accurate cost estimate once they have had the chance to discuss your property and requirements with you.

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Why You Need An EPC?

When a commercial or residential property is to be advertised for sale or rent/lease it will legally require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). A property agent or property website will not allow an advert for a home or business to be put on the market without there first being an EPC done and available to show interested parties.

Trading Standards can issue fines to both agents and owners for either failing to provide EPC details on an advert or making available on request to any interested party. An EPC gives useful information to anyone looking to buy or rent so it is always good to have it showing in the advert and for a successful transaction.



You may also be applying for a government energy grant or funding which requires an EPC or you may just want to see your property’s energy efficiency score. If so we can help.

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Our fair pricing policy also means that you will pay less than would with any high street survey company and we promise to always give the lowest quotes available.

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JP Mackie Pharmacy – Review

Excellent Prompt Service

JP Mackie Pharmacy – 27th May 2021

Anonymous – Review

Excellent customer service. My request was met with promptly and without delay and the inspection carried out without delay. Very pleased.

Anonymous – 24th May 2021

RJI – Review

Fair price; Efficient and communicative surveyor. A more personalised communication would be nice.

RJI – 22nd May 2021

Anonymous – Review

Very thorough & efficient. I’ll certainly recommend to anyone who wants a survey conducting in the future.

Anonymous – 21st May 2021

Jenni Little – Review

Very efficient service. We got an appointment within two days and the report very swiftly thereafter. A pleasant man did the survey in a professional manner. Was surprised by the speed and ease of this service

Jenni Little – 21st May 2021

Tom Muir – Review

After a short call and informed of service and price, I got an appointment for the next day. The assessment went well and everything was explained to me in a pleasant professional manner. I received the certificate next day and sent it off. Happy to highly recommend the service.

Tom Muir – 29th Apr 2021

Neil – Review

EPC was arranged and done in less than 1 week and certificate issued next day. Price was as cheap as I could find also.

Neil – 29th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Excellent smooth service no issues at all

Anonymous – 21st Apr 2021

Philip Sanford – Review

A fantastic first rate service. I tried a number of providers before engaging EPCFORYOU, all of whom either offered inconvenient appointments, failed to respond to inquiries or were above market rate. EPCFORYOU were responsive, price competitive and offered a fast and professional service. I would highly recommend.

Philip Sanford – 20th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Very fast and reliable.?

Anonymous – 20th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Timely service. Excellent price.

Anonymous – 9th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

I got an appointment very quickly, which was attended by a very friendly, helpful and efficient member of staff. The report was complete the next day. Thank you!

Anonymous – 9th Apr 2021

Toby M – Review

EPC for you was extremely helpful in getting my EPC done at short notice. They attended the property the next day and my EPC was with me shortly after. I also contacted the surveyor directly to ask some questions about my report and he was extremely helpful. Would definitely use again.

Toby M – 9th Apr 2021

Anonymous – Review

Fast and efficient

Anonymous – 30th Mar 2021

Anonymous – Review

Fast, easy friendly service

Anonymous – 29th Mar 2021

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EPCFORYOU will always give the lowest quote possible for providing a residential or commercial EPC. We base our quote on the details provided from the customer with regards the property size, property type and location so the more information provided the more accurate we can be with the price. We offer good value and fair pricing for our award winning EPC service. Our Price Promise means that if you are able to find a cheaper quote elsewhere then we will match it (see terms & conditions). We aim for being the best EPC Company so this is why we give you this promise on all our quotes.

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