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commercial lease

10 Tips to be a More Energy Efficient SME

Running a small business can be expensive. You need to think about acquiring office space, buying accessories, and budgeting for important factors such as marketing. In order to keep the business running and help it to grow, you need to make sure you are being as cost effective as possible. One of the main ways […]

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UK to Axe Subsidies: Future of Solar not so Sunny?

Global warming is already having a detrimental effect on our planet – the polar ice sheets are melting, sea levels continue to rise, and there are increasing temperatures all across the globe. Scientists warn that if we don’t take action now, then there will be devastating and irreversible environmental consequences. Global warming is mainly attributed […]

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What is the Energy For Londoners Programme?

The current energy market is causing a number of issues for people across the UK. Many households are now facing fuel poverty and cannot afford to heat their homes. Energy bills are too high, homes are poorly insulated, and properties with low energy efficiency ratings are polluting our air and contributing to the environmental crisis […]

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green home out of grass

10 Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient, reduce environmental harm, and save money? Well look no further – Here are our top 10 tips on how you can save energy in your home:   Limit your electricity usage  Try to limit the amount of electricity you use in an average […]

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London flooding

Lost City of London? Capital Sinking into the Sea

  A new report has found that London is among a handful of cities identified as being under threat of ‘sinking’ as global warming results in a rise in sea levels. The study suggests that sea levels will increase several meters over the next 50 years. The report claims that some of the world’s coastal […]

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man handing over keys to woman

London Landlords Divided Over Buy-to-Let

There is currently concern amongst UK landlords regarding the buy to let market. The concern has been brought about by several issues including a change to tax regulations, increased burdens brought about by new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) and cooling house prices reducing profits. The challenges are especially tough in London. In the capital, […]

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