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A Guide To Commercial EPC’s For Restaurants

Owning and running a restaurant can be extremely rewarding. It’s a joy to be able to make people happy by serving them delicious culinary creations. However, running a restaurant also takes a lot of effort and hard work, as well as financial and business acumen.Any restaurant needs to maximise its profits in order to survive […]

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How to Improve Your EPC Rating

It’s an interesting fact that topping up loft insulation can contribute to protecting the planet and the household budget. It’s a small act that can have huge benefits overall. We all know that the world’s traditional energy resources are being depleted and that these fossil fuels also help to cause damage to the atmosphere. Energy […]

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A Brief History of London

Known as one of the world’s primary cultural hubs, home to a seemingly infinite array of different individuals and communities speaking over 300 different languages, the bustling and chaotic capital of England sees a vast history stretching back almost 2000 years.   London was first founded in 47 AD by the Romans who landed in […]

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Renewable Energy Trends to Look Out For in 2019

One of the biggest problems with renewable energy trends is that there is so much conflicting advice and information. Online articles and news pieces will constantly push the Eco-environmental angle by saying how our world is two bonfires away from meltdown, and then we have online articles and news pieces about how fantastic renewable energy […]

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EPC London skyscrapers

London Architecture: Top 10 Iconic Buildings

As you would expect from a major European city, walk anywhere around London and you see architecture to admire. Buildings old and new rise into the skyline creating a magical blend of the past with the present. Many of today’s buildings are about geometric shapes, metal and glass. They have also been designed with a […]

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What Improved Energy Efficiency Can Do For Your Business

Changes are happening in the way that UK businesses view energy usage, and your business cannot afford to ignore this. Energy used to be just another expense that needed to be managed. Now, having an effective energy strategy can make a big difference to the overall success of a business. It can increase profits, improve […]

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