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Renewable Energy Trends to Look Out For in 2019

One of the biggest problems with renewable energy trends is that there is so much conflicting advice and information. Online articles and news pieces will constantly push the Eco-environmental angle by saying how our world is two bonfires away from meltdown, and then we have online articles and news pieces about how fantastic renewable energy […]

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EPC London skyscrapers

London Architecture: Top 10 Iconic Buildings

As you would expect from a major European city, walk anywhere around London and you see architecture to admire. Buildings old and new rise into the skyline creating a magical blend of the past with the present. Many of today’s buildings are about geometric shapes, metal and glass. They have also been designed with a […]

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What Improved Energy Efficiency Can Do For Your Business

Changes are happening in the way that UK businesses view energy usage, and your business cannot afford to ignore this. Energy used to be just another expense that needed to be managed. Now, having an effective energy strategy can make a big difference to the overall success of a business. It can increase profits, improve […]

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How to Beat the Pending Rise in Energy Bills

It’s recently been announced that UK energy users could be faced with higher bills come April. This is the result of the likelihood of a new price cap. Given all of the other uncertainty facing UK residents at present, this is not welcome news, especially when you consider that the average UK household spend on […]

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10 Tips to be a More Energy Efficient SME

Running a small business can be expensive. You need to think about acquiring office space, buying accessories, and budgeting for important factors such as marketing. In order to keep the business running and help it to grow, you need to make sure you are being as cost effective as possible. One of the main ways […]

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UK to Axe Subsidies: Future of Solar not so Sunny?

There is an enormous focus on green energy now. EPC London will highlight the improvements you could make, including green alternatives. Global warming is already having a detrimental effect on our planet – the polar ice sheets are melting, sea levels continue to rise, and there are increasing temperatures all across the globe. Scientists warn that […]

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