How Your Hospitality Business Can Maintain Edinburgh’s Top Ten Status

Edinburgh was recently awarded a spot in the UK’s top 10 locations for high street shopping. Scotland’s tourist statistics show that its cosmopolitan capital attracts millions of visitors every year with its award-winning attractions and interesting history and culture. The wealth of tourists means that hospitality businesses like restaurants, bars and hotels have plenty of opportunities to grow and become successful. That being said, competition in the hospitality industry is fierce and businesses must focus on improving the efficiency of their management and service. Luckily, there are many ways for hospitality businesses to attract customers and gain a competitive edge. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways that your business can maintain Edinburgh’s top ten status. 

Become more eco-friendly 

Concerns for our environment are growing, and more and more consumers are seeking to support green companies that reduce their environmental impact. A recent survey found that Edinburgh is one of the UK’s top 10 eco-friendly high streets. You can help Scotland’s capital maintain its green status by implementing sustainable practices in your hospitality business. This may involve upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, improving your recycling strategies, reducing waste and conserving energy.  If you are considering ways to make your hospitality business greener, then a good starting point is to get a new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This will assess the overall energy performance of your business premise and give you recommendations on ways to boost your energyefficiency. Becoming more eco-friendly will reduce carbon emissions, lower your energy costs and make your business more attractive to eco-conscious consumers.

Hire a skilled team 

A skilled customer service team are the backbone behind any successful hospitality business. With that in mind, it is fundamental that you focus on recruitment and implement strategies to attract and retain a quality team. One of the best ways to hire staff for your hospitality business is through word-of-mouth. Tell your colleagues about job openings and encourage them to spread the word to family and friends. This is a cost-effective way to hire for your business and it is unlikely that your staff will recommend poor quality candidates. You can try introducing a referral bonus scheme to encourage your team to help with your recruitment efforts. Follow a strict interview and vetting process to ensure that you hire the right team members for your business. 

Provide hospitality training 

Once you have hired a quality team, you must provide them with training on how to deliver excellent customer service. The hospitality industry often relies on hand-on experience, but formal training is still important. Ideally, your staff should receive training on multiple topics relating to the hospitality sector. This should include training on working as a team, effective communication, how to deal with customer complaints and so on. Your staff should also be trained on any topics specific to your business. For instance, waiting staff should have a thorough knowledge of a restaurant’s menu and products. Having this training will improve staff performance and enhance the customer experience. This, in turn, will boost your sales and revenue potential.

Improve service with technology

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and revolutionised the hospitality industry. Many businesses in the hospitality sector are now utilising smart technology to improve the customer experience, reduce labour costs and increase the efficiency of business management. For example, many restaurants now offer facilities to reserve tables and manage bookings online. Servers also use smart devices like iPads to take customer orders more efficiently. This reduces the likelihood of errors and customer complaints. Many hotels have also upgraded to smart keys which allow guests to enter their rooms via an app on their mobile phone. Technological advancements have helped restaurants and other businesses within the hospitality sector become more accessible and profitable. Every smart business owner should look for ways to make their company more innovative and efficient using modern technologies. 


Hospitality businesses in Edinburgh have fantastic opportunities for growth and success due to the city’s large numbers of tourists. Edinburgh is named as one of the UK’s top 10 high street areas, and millions of visitors flock to Scotland’s vibrant capital every year. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways for hospitality businesses to improve their level of service, attract customers and increase earning potential. Try implementing the above suggestions to make your hospitality business more efficient and profitable. 

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