How to be Carbon Free by 2050

Our EPC London branch can kickstart your energy saving with audited advice that is specific to you, your home, and your business. It highlights where you are losing energy and money and will help you to figure out how much you can save if you correct the problems that your building has. Here are a few other ways you may become carbon free by 2050.

A Solar Cell Phone Charger

Do you leave your phone on charge all night? Grab a solar charger and leave it on your windowsill. During the evening it will charge up your mobile phone and the early morning light will make sure it’s powered for the rest of the day. The hours that you are asleep can be the most beneficial in making sure your electronics are ready to go.

Solar Panels on Your Home

These are simple devices that use the heat from the sun to generate electricity for use in your home. For example, they can warm the water in your house. What is great is that by the end of the day, around about the time you take your bath or shower, the water will be pre-heated and stored for your use. Plus, the panels are handy for keeping the snow and frost off of your roof during winter because they absorb the sun’s heat so well.

Electric Cars

Elon Musk, a key figure in modern technology, has started producing Tesla cars that run on electricity. If you were to charge your car at a renewable energy station, then you would be 100% green so long as you recycle the car correctly when it reaches the end of its life. You may even install your own solar cells or wind-turbine generators so that you may charge your own car with renewable energy you create yourself.

Stop Eating Meat

One could argue that eating vegetables is just as harmful as eating meat, but the carbon required to get a steak on your plate is around 200% more than it takes to put carrots, peas, potatoes, and broccoli on your plate. The amount of fuel required to get meat or vegetables onto your plate is the same, but that is not the problem. The carbon dioxide given off by livestock is staggering, whereas plants take in carbon dioxide. By going vegan, you are dramatically slashing the amount of carbon dioxide and methane being produced to feed you.

Install Renewable Energy

It goes without saying that if you want to be green by 2050, then you need renewable energy generators and storage within your property. You need solar cells and wind turbines either on your land or on your building. You also need a place to store the energy, otherwise you are going to have problems keeping your building running on a consistent and reliable basis. Plus, with adequate storage, you need not worry too much about wasting energy because you will always have some in reserve.

Buy Domestic Products

Buying cheap products that come from China are costing the environment a massive amount. China is now the most polluting country in the entire world, and it pollutes because it is creating the cheap household electronics and products that you use. Even your Apple devices are built in China, and they are contributing heavily to global warming.

The carbon cost of buying a domestic product vs buying a product made in China are over 1000%. China alone produces 21 times more carbon than the entire European continent (that is more than 44 countries combined). This is a significant figure that needs to be addressed.

Support New Technology

The capitalist method has saved more carbon and more trees than every charity combined. For example, the flash drive was created because a technology company wanted to make money in a capitalist society. Since the introduction of the flash drive, paper usage was slashed worldwide by an estimated 39%. Then, since the invention of cloud-server data transference, paper usage is now 95% reduced compared to 10 years ago in developed countries.

Go Online with Everything; From Food Shopping to Bank Statements

Efficient online data transference is also the reason why landfill usage has lowered since less paper is now being discarded by residential and business areas. The capitalist method has pushed progress forwards so much that more trees are now felled for toilet paper than they are for writing paper, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The more things you do online, the less the earth suffers. Even getting your bank statements online is enough to cut kilograms of carbon from your carbon footprint. If your local superstore says you can do your weekly food shopping online, then give them a try because it costs less carbon when one delivery truck can deliver to over 20 households per day (that is 20 fewer cars on the road per truck).

Committing to be carbon free is about having an environmentally friendly conscience and changing your lifestyle. There are plenty of options that do not take an onerous amount of effort or cost investment. Our offices are insistent on providing an excellent commercial EPC or domestic EPC. Get in touch today.

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