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It is a legal requirement for those wishing to sell property or lease it to obtain an EPC prepared by an approved energy assessor. For domestic and commercial properties, an accredited energy assessor is required, although for non-domestic properties the type of assessor depends on the level of the building – based on the heating and air conditioning systems plus the complexity of the design. A register of assessors is available via the government website, and ‘EPC For You’ can supply you with a registered energy assessor specific to your needs.

All ‘EPC For You’ energy assessors possess the appropriate training and competency to carry out energy assessments. They belong to an approved government accreditation scheme of which there are ten such schemes run by differing bodies from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). All schemes have been registered with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Prior to being accredited, registered by the DCLG and ‘EPC For You’, each assessor undertakes training under their chosen scheme. Training includes calculating heat loss perimeters, assessing the age of a building’s construction and understanding energy efficiency recommendations, as well as the reduced data standard assessment procedure. ‘EPC For You’ assessors also have stringent complaints procedures in place and the requisite Public and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

On visiting your property to conduct the assessment, the energy assessor will need access to every room. Heating and lighting systems are important in producing an accurate EPC. The energy assessor will note room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves fitted as well as any other forms of heating such as an open fire, particularly in domestic properties.

An energy assessor may photograph the property if they need to override certain assumptions in relation to insulation values that the property would normally be assumed to have, so as to allow for the property having been improved. Photographs will also ensure that audit requirements are kept in check which the relevant accreditation scheme will perform to confirm that the assessor is working to the highest quality standards. The assessor will also measure the property and note any extensions or alterations.

With their measurements and observations, the energy assessor then uses a government-approved software program to calculate the energy efficiency rating. The program also gives a recommended value which represents the potential improvement that could be made to the property for energy conservation purposes. Based on this information, the EPC will show how good or bad your property’s energy efficiency is. The energy assessor will also provide practical recommendations to increase the building’s energy efficiency rating. These recommendations include improvements that are bespoke to your building, noting indicative paybacks of short, medium or long-term. Any other recommendations may also be noted based on your ‘EPC For You’ energy assessor’s knowledge and he/she will be well placed to assist you in deciding the best course of action if you wish to make any improvements based on their recommendations. If you need further advice, ‘EPC For You’ can talk you through the scores and the EPC.

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Why you need an EPC

Why You Need An EPC?

When a commercial or residential property is to be advertised for sale or rent/lease it will legally require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). A property agent or property website will not allow an advert for a home or business to be put on the market without there first being an EPC done and available to show interested parties.

Trading Standards can issue fines to both agents and owners for either failing to provide EPC details on an advert or making available on request to any interested party. An EPC gives useful information to anyone looking to buy or rent so it is always good to have it showing in the advert and for a successful transaction.

You may also be applying for a government energy grant or funding which requires an EPC or you may just want to see your property’s energy efficiency score. If so we can help.

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All our assesors are qualified professional with industry recognised accreditations. They are reqularly audited to make sure they provide high quality and accurate EPC surveys.

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