Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

A Guide to your Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

When it comes to your domestic energy performance certificate (EPC), the amount of information can often be overwhelming. There are so many guides and FAQs available with conflicting information that finding out the important details can become a time-consuming process. That is why if you are looking to move elsewhere or have recently moved, EPC […]

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EPC London skyscrapers

Who is Responsible for your Commercial EPC?

Anyone who has looked to buy or rent a house or flat will be familiar with an EPC (or Energy Performance Certificate). This is an official scale used to measure the energy efficiency of all domestic and commercial buildings in the United Kingdom, grading said efficiency on a scale of A to G. However, it […]

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London Business Energy Performance Tips

Energy efficiency isn’t just an issue for our homes. It’s also a vital factor that every business should consider if they’re serious about preserving natural resources, reducing energy bills and helping to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren. Thanks to the age of innovation that we live in, there are numerous pain-free […]

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Five Easy Tips to Take Your Business Green Right Now

For many businesses today, going green is no longer the optional fad it used to be a mere decade or two ago. It is now a requirement for a business to be seen as being an active participant in saving the planet. Factors that help a business’s environmental status include getting a commercial EPC, having […]

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The Climate Change Levy 3 Months On: Has It Affected your Business?

If you’re a business owner, you’ll have noticed the impact of the Climate Change Levy. Introduced in April 2019, the main aim of the levy is for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability by reducing their energy usage. What are the Charges? Many businesses worry about the new charges that the […]

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A Guide to Commercial EPC for Factories

We all need to be doing our bit to help to reduce climate change, cut energy emissions and make our world a better and more sustainable place. Everybody plays their part – whether it is trying to use renewable energy, recycle our waste, or cut down on our use of cars, but businesses and government […]

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Designing a Building for Style and Energy Efficiency

Designing a building for style and energy efficiency is far better than designing a building for style/function and then upgrading it to become more energy efficient. The reason for this is because larger companies often have a hard time making energy efficient changes. This is often because it requires a high amount of collaboration between […]

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A Guide To Commercial EPC’s For Restaurants

Owning and running a restaurant can be extremely rewarding. It’s a joy to be able to make people happy by serving them delicious culinary creations. However, running a restaurant also takes a lot of effort and hard work, as well as financial and business acumen.Any restaurant needs to maximise its profits in order to survive […]

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How to Calculate Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Has your home been feeing extra cold lately, no matter the number of brightly coloured throws and pillows you’ve been throwing around the room? Is your great wall of draught excluders no longer keeping the chill at bay? And do you stand in front of an open fridge to warm up during the winter months? […]

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Providing a Commercial EPC quote

Choosing an energy assessment company for non-domestic EPC quote in London can be very difficult as it is hard to assess if you are getting good value and quality for your money. We offer clients a free commercial EPC quote that is tailored to their business. By assessing our customer’s needs on an individual scale […]

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