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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: What Changes Can You Make?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came into force in England and Wales on 1st April 2018. The new rules were introduced to address a number of privately-rented properties that were running in a less than environmentally-friendly way, by requiring all eligible properties to meet a minimum level of energy efficiency. What do the rules […]

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Designing a Building for Style and Energy Efficiency

Designing a building for style and energy efficiency is far better than designing a building for style/function and then upgrading it to become more energy efficient. The reason for this is because larger companies often have a hard time making energy efficient changes. This is often because it requires a high amount of collaboration between […]

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London energy network

Labour’s plans to nationalise energy network

In May 2019, on a visit to a social housing estate in Greater Manchester. Jeremy Corbyn unveiled plans for Labour’s “Green Industrial Revolution”. The setting was appropriate as the plans not only address climate change by cutting carbon emissions but also standards of living for social housing and low income households by cutting energy bills. […]

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London Landlords: Why You Need a New EPC

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating determines how energy efficient a house or building is, and certification often comes with a set of advisories on how a building owner or landlord may improve the EPC rating. Renting out a property with bad insulation, bad heating, etc. (i.e. a bad EPC rating) has been prohibited since […]

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EPC London skyscrapers

The Future of London’s Skyline

London’s skyline is going to get more and more exciting over the coming years, and there are quite a few sound and economic reasons for this. It will make a welcome change because London’s skyline has remained mostly unchanged over the last few decades. One of the biggest reasons why London’s skyline doesn’t evolve as […]

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Causes of Air Pollution in London

There are places all around the world where air pollution and smog are a real problem, and many times it is because of environmental factors rather than because of the amounts of pollution being generated. That is why some cities such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin can pump out large amounts of pollution and are smog free, […]

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