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Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

A Guide to your Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

When it comes to your domestic energy performance certificate (EPC), the amount of information can often be overwhelming. There are so many guides and FAQs available with conflicting information that finding out the important details can become a time-consuming process. That is why if you are looking to move elsewhere or have recently moved, EPC […]

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EPC London skyscrapers

Who is Responsible for your Commercial EPC?

Anyone who has looked to buy or rent a house or flat will be familiar with an EPC (or Energy Performance Certificate). This is an official scale used to measure the energy efficiency of all domestic and commercial buildings in the United Kingdom, grading said efficiency on a scale of A to G. However, it […]

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London Business Energy Performance Tips

Energy efficiency isn’t just an issue for our homes. It’s also a vital factor that every business should consider if they’re serious about preserving natural resources, reducing energy bills and helping to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren. Thanks to the age of innovation that we live in, there are numerous pain-free […]

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5 EPC Questions London Landlords Need to Know the Answer To

Making your property more energy-efficient could be the best thing you can do for your revenue as a landlord, and with London buildings being so old and historic, you will probably find that most aren’t as efficient as they could be! When you do this, you’re helping to create a welcoming and comfortable environment inside […]

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Living in London – Ensuring Your Home Is Energy Efficient

There is a going trend to make your property in London as energy efficient as possible, and with most housing in London being built before many regulations came into place, it can be quite hard. Most of this housing lacks essential energy-efficient and eco-friendly elements; inefficient heating and cooling systems, poor insulation, and non-energy-efficient appliances, […]

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Five Easy Tips to Take Your Business Green Right Now

For many businesses today, going green is no longer the optional fad it used to be a mere decade or two ago. It is now a requirement for a business to be seen as being an active participant in saving the planet. Factors that help a business’s environmental status include getting a commercial EPC, having […]

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