5 Ways Local Businesses Can Go Green This Summer

Creating a more eco-friendly business has dozens of potential benefits. One of the major benefits of running a green business is that you will reduce your energy costs and slash your monthly overheads. Sustainable businesses also attract eco-conscious employees and find it easier to build credibility and convert new customers.

The past twelve months have been incredibly challenging, and many businesses have been forced to close due to COVID-19 restrictions. Fortunately, the end is now in sight and many businesses are starting to reopen and return to their normal business operations. Now is the ideal time for businesses to assess their energy performance and work towards a more sustainable business. Here are five ways local businesses can go green this summer:

1. Book an energy audit

If you are looking for ways to create a more sustainable business, then booking an energy audit is a great place to start.

A commercial EPC will give you a clear overview of the energy performance of your business. You will also be provided with recommendations on how to make your building more energy efficient. This may involve making modifications to your building such as installing double-glazed windows or adding extra insulation.

Taking steps to improve your energy performance will reduce your carbon footprint, slash your monthly utility costs, and help you create a greener business. With offices across the UK, we can help with an EPC in London all the way to Glasgow.

2. Replace inefficient appliances

One of the easiest ways to improve your energy efficiency is by replacing outdated appliances. Old appliances tend to use a lot more electricity when compared to their modern counterparts. For instance, modern HVAC systems save between 15 and 20% more energy when compared to older models according to smartbusiness.co.uk.

Review the appliances used in your business and consider upgrading any that are old, worn, or damaged. You should also replace any incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives such as LEDs. These use much less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs.

3. Start a recycling scheme

All businesses produce waste and this must be disposed of in a way that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Effective recycling is essential in every green business and recycling policies should be enforced in the workplace.

Start by conducting a waste audit to help you identify ways to reduce commercial waste. You can partner with a recycling facility to improve the efficiency of your waste management. A recycling company will collect waste from your business facility and ensure that it is disposed of in a way that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

You can encourage employees to follow your recycling scheme by displaying recycling policies clearly in the workplace and offering green incentives. Removing individual bins will also encourage employees to place their waste in the correct recycling bins.

4. Embrace renewable energy

Renewable energy has soared in popularity in recent years thanks to fears over pollution and climate change. Renewables overtook fossil fuels as the UK’s main electricity source for the first time in 2020 and generated a record 42% of the UK’s electricity supply.

Embracing renewable energy is an effective way for businesses to reduce carbon emissions, lower energy costs, and boost their green credentials. More and more businesses in the UK are generating their own green energy by having solar panel systems installed on the roofs of their commercial properties.

Solar panels harvest natural sunlight and convert it into electricity. Renewable energy creates little to no pollution and is much more efficient than conventional fossil fuels. Installing a solar panel system on your commercial property can be a great investment and is a visible way of showing your support for a sustainable future.

5. Create a green company culture

Your eco-friendly efforts will only be effective if you get your employees on board with your green policies. If you want to run a sustainable business, then you should take steps to create a green company culture.

Teach your employees the benefits of being green in the workplace, create sustainability goals, and celebrate milestones. For instance, treat your staff to a free lunch or company dinner when you hit your recycling goal. Make going green fun and incentivise your staff.


Going green has loads of potential benefits including lower energy costs, improved brand image, and increased sales and profits. The good news is, going green doesn’t have to be expensive and there are plenty of ways to create a more sustainable business. The above suggestions will help you lower your carbon footprint and create a more eco-friendly and sustainable business.

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