Providing a Commercial EPC quote

Choosing an energy assessment company for non-domestic EPC quote in London can be very difficult as it is hard to assess if you are getting good value and quality for your money. We offer clients a free commercial EPC quote that is tailored to their business. By assessing our customer’s needs on an individual scale we can guarantee you the highest quality assessment at the most competitive prices. We are committed to putting our customer’s needs before our prices.

How we are able to prove the most competitive EPC quotes in London

Providing a quote for a commercial EPC in London can be difficult. There are huge variations in the layout and design of commercial properties that have to be accounted for to make the quote accurate – a big multi-level retailer in Knightsbridge would have different needs to a small village shop. Commercial EPC also cover every kind of business imaginable – shops, offices, restaurants, bakeries and even warehouses. Some energy assessing companies in London will offer you a fixed price for a non-domestic EPC based on the square metres of a property alone. We would recommend avoiding a fixed quote like that as it does not account for the variables involved when assessing a property.

For examples, some of the warehouses we have assessed have compromised of one huge room storage room whereas smaller spaces, like office usually compromise of various rooms such as the main-floor, reprographic offices, manager offices, and conference rooms. So, when it comes to recording all the relevant data and inputting it into our software an office-space is more time intensive than the warehouse despite the size different.

A custom quote for commercial EPC avoids two problems created by the fixed pricing system. A fixed model will overcharge for EPC assessment on warehouses. Our tailored quotes ensure that our customers get the most competitive price for their business. A fixed price model also means EPC for office buildings, where there are a lot of rooms to assess are often less lucrative for the company and can be rushed. By ensuring our quotes are for the work needed to assess a space we can are able to guarantee an accurate and in-depth EPC assessment.

By putting our customer’s needs first we can offer the best prices.

How you can help us to deliver a low-cost EPC quote

The more information you can provide us about your property the more accurate and competitive the quote will be. We always recommend you have this information on hand when asking for an EPC quote from any company.

What kind of Commercial property is it?

Let us know how the property is being used, as it will affect the EPC assessment. By knowing if it is an office, a care home, a coffeeshop, or if there are multiple uses we can assess your business more accurately. Giving us the address and postcode of the property is helpful too.

What is the rough layout of the building?

Having a good idea of the layout of will allow us to assess the amount of time we need to perform an accurate assessment of your business premises. The most important things for us to know is the square metres of the property, the total number of rooms, and how many floors there are. From this, we can get a rough idea of the layout. Providing us with a floor plan is the best way to keep the cost low.

A very general HVAC overview.

It’s a good idea to provide us with some general information about the heating and cooling systems you have installed in the building. For pricing the assessment, we do not need a huge amount of details about them, but just generally what you have installed and where. For example, an air-conditioning unit on the roof with vents, or a gas boiler in a dedicate boiler room.

Areas Covered

We provide commercial or non-domestic EPCs through all districts of London.

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If you have a commercial property in London and would like to discuss the requirements of your commercial EPC, please contact. Our staff is always ready to help our customers with their needs.

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