Choosing the right energy performance certificate services in London

If you’re a home or property owner of any kind, commercial or domestic, you may well need to carry out an EPC survey in London. However, choosing the right EPC survey company can sometimes be a hassle, that’s why we’ve put together a few points to help you out.

Why You Need an EPC in London

As of August 1st 2007, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are necessary for all homes, and commercial properties over 50m2. An EPC is a thorough assessment of a properties energy efficiency, including CO2 emissions. It takes into account aspects like the buildings construction and heating system, as well as features like wall cavity insulation, loft insulation and low energy lighting. The assessment is non-invasive, meaning there’s no drilling or anything like that, and it’s a relatively quick procedure, providing the property owner with a grading for the building, ranging from the best (‘A’) to the worst (‘G’).

This rating can affect the sale and rental value of the home, as well as overall heating and power costs. Not only this, but failing to have regular EPC surveys every ten years can result in fines, and you need a check done whenever you rent or sell a property. So you need to have an energy performance certificate for your property. You need to find a qualified, proven and experienced company to carry this out for you. But what do you look for? Here are some pointers.


It’s very important for your EPC certificate to be accurate. The grading you receive can directly influence heating and power costs, as well as potential rental income. Making sure the company you use knows exactly what they’re doing is crucial. Look at reviews of the company online, as well as checking out their accreditations. You need to know this business knows exactly what they’re doing, especially with the value of your property on the line.


Obviously we all want the best deal possible, whatever we’re buying. However, going for the very cheapest rarely results in decent quality. If you want a good quality, thorough and accurate EPC for your home or property, going for the very cheapest option isn’t the way forward. Having said that, there’s no reason to go astronomical. It shouldn’t be too expensive. Get a number of quotes, shop around and compare. Find a reasonable balance, and choose accordingly, factoring in reviews and benefits of individual services.


One of the biggest factors in picking any company for any service is convenience. Are they local? Is their customer service good? Can they be relied upon? You don’t want a company miles away, in case you need to take anything further with them. Ideally, you want a relatively local business, with friendly, appropriate and accommodating customer service.

These are people that’ll be coming into your home, you want to know they can be relied upon and trusted. Once again, with the internet nowadays, and so many different unbiased review sites, you’ve no reason to not find out a company’s reputation. Do your due diligence, it’s never been easier.

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